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Manual conventions

[Šī daļa vēl nav latviskota.]
In this iCalamus manual we use several special notation styles to visualize different things. Here is a list of these conventions:

Keys, keyboard shortcuts & buttons They are enclosed in square brackets, like [Q], [Cmd][A], [OK] or [Cancel].
Control keys Apple shipped various keyboards for their Macs, with various control key prints. We use these descriptors:
  • [Shift] for both Shift keys
  • [Esc] for the Escape key
  • [Tab] for the Tabulator key
  • [Ctrl] for the Control key
  • [Alt] for the Option key
  • [Cmd] for the Command key, also known as Apple key
File & path names When we mention specified files or paths which are relevant for iCalamus, they are shown in a special font face, like

Padoms: By the way, ~ is an abbreviation which is commonly used in all Unix systems (which Mac OS X belongs to). It stands for /Users/, e.g.:
Macintosh HD/Users/UlfDunkel

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