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iCalamus v 1.13

Log de cambios:

Document Handling
  • Nuevo:

    iPhoto documents can be imported like iPhoto calendars into iCalamus a Photographerbook documents and be printed external at the Photographerbook company.

    iPhoto Books

  • Nuevo: [523]: iCalamus documents support Quick Look now.
  • Arreglado: [546]: Content of Image frames could disappear on next loading of document.
  • Arreglado: [544]: Saving templates no longer creates multiple backup files.
  • Arreglado: [543]: When creating new documents from Templates, the template images could get lost.
  • Arreglado: [542]: Error Couldn't create image sources from URI! fixed.
  • Arreglado: [541]: Copied images were duplicated in document bundle on document saving.
Paleta de texto
  • Arreglado: [554]: The text attribute Outlined can be used again.
Paleta de regla de texto
  • Arreglado: [452]: Fixed a bug in certain ruler/text style assignments.
  • Nuevo: Letón A Latvian version of iCalamus is also available now, localized by Mārtiņš Zemzaris.
  • Nuevo: [371]: Column sorting in the External Plug-Ins dialog has been optimized.
  • Nuevo: [418]: The Toolbar in the document window offers some redesigned and new function buttons.


  • Nuevo: [550]: The View menu offers two new menu entries: Show/Hide Toolbar and Customize Toolbar.
  • Arreglado: [552]: Preferences window no longer offers the Show/Hide Toolbar button (Apple standards).

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