Kas jauns?

iCalamus v 1.09

Izmaiņu žurnāls:

  • Jaunums: [440]:
  • Jaunums: [277]: Multiple Paste introduced: If multiple frames are selected, clipboard content can be pasted at once into these selected frames.
  • Jaunums: [432]: Paste in Place and Drag and Drop use a more user-friendly method for creating frames: Frames get an automated size fitting into the visible part of the document.
  • Labojums: [451]: Blend mode and opacity of frame are not reset to defaults but kept as set up when content of the same kind is replaced (image by image or PDF by PDF).
  • Labojums: [449]: Undo/Redo for Drag & Drop operations into shared alias frames fixed.
  • Labojums: [439]: Drag & Drop into text frames when editing text now possible.
  • Labojums: [435]: Error in PDF page size calculation in PDF pipe fixed.
  • Labojums: [434]: Pasting RTFD data from system services no longer ignores images.
Frame Editing
  • Jaunums: [450]: Alias copies can be converted into physical copies.
  • Labojums: [454], [464]: Frame content from master pages is output in proper positions on layout pages.
  • Labojums: [452]: Error in assigning text ruler parameters or text style parameters to copied frames is fixed.
  • Labojums: [436], [441], [447]: Critical no size frames are fixed when the document is loaded.
  • Labojums: [435]: Error in PDF page size calculation in PDF pipe fixed.
Izvēlne Skats
  • Jaunums: [404]: The new zoom option Fit Sheet in Window offers to show all pages of the current sheet in optimum size in the window.
Teksta rediģēšana
  • Jaunums: [445]: Text can be selected with [Alt] + mouse click up to the start/end of text.
Rīku palete
  • Labojums: [458]: Vector points couldn't be added to vector objects placed over images.
Teksta stila inspektors
  • Labojums: [453]: Text style editing speed much increased.
  • Labojums: [448]: Text style handling errors fixed.
Drukāšana / Izvade
  • Labojums: [443]: Objects colored with registration color are no longer output with blend mode multiply. This solves problems in the restricted PDF-X format.

(Ja atrodat kļūdas šīs lappuses tulkojumā, – Paldies!)

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