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iCalamus v 1.10


Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Nieuw: [496]: Leopard is supported.
  • Nieuw: [498]: iPhoto 8 is supported.
  • Nieuw:

    Calendars from iPhoto '06 and iPhoto '08 can be produced at lower prices with Photographerbook.

    iPhoto Calendar

    Create your calendar in iPhoto and export it in PDF format, then choose one of the new iPhoto Calendar formats, set the desired number of months and drag the PDF into the Calendar document. It will be scaled and adjusted automatically. iPhoto '06 Calendars can be dragged into iPhoto '08 Calendar documents in iCalamus. You can even finish the calender document layout in iCalamus – the calendar data are kept. Then you can send the calendar document for high-end printout to photographerbook. If you don't use lacquer, we recommend to order matt paper type.

  • Nieuw: [487]: Italiaans iCalamus user Sergio Febo has done an Italian localization of iCalamus.
Afbeelding bewerken
  • Nieuw:

    The Content inspector offers realtime resolution control for placed images and warns if the print resolution is too low – smart help for all users who are not so familiar with the coherence of image size and resolution.

    Bad Image Resolution

Tekst bewerken
  • Opgelost: [482]: Pressing [Enter] in text edit mode has sometimes hidden the text.
  • Nieuw: [346]: Default export format is PDF, no longer BMP. The last chosen export format is now stored.
  • Opgelost: [476]: PDF Export of multiple frames into single files no longer crashes.

(Als u fouten in de Nederlandse vertalingen en teksten vindt, wilt u ons dan – Hartelijk bedankt!)

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