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iCalamus v 1.16


  • Nieuw: [628]: Photographerbook documents (including iPhoto documents) no longer output a Watermark (Preview) on local printers or when saved as PDF, when you use the registered version of iCalamus.
Tekst bewerken
  • Opgelost: [638]: Text edit mode context menu: Insert Text Field: Issue with Insert File Creation Date and Insert File Modification Date in unsaved documents solved.
  • Nieuw: A Polish version of iCalamus is also available now, localized by Michał Naskręt, Michał Mikołajewski, Patryk Domagała and Dominik Sieciński. pl
  • Nieuw: [624]: Menus for New Shape Object and New Line Object now show a line between simple and dynamic objects.
  • Nieuw: [625]: Frame-infovenster: Outline section redesigned to clarify things.


  • Opgelost: [615]: Undo/Redo action names are shown again in the Edit menu.
  • Opgelost: [620]: Popup menu issue in dialog New Document fixed.
  • Opgelost: [623]: Dialog cosmetics in Parameters for Double Circle Arc fixed. en
  • Opgelost: [630]: Typos in tooltips fixed. fr
  • Opgelost: [633]: Typo in Context menu fixed. fr

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