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iCalamus v 2.00

Important :
This version is a paid upgrade from iCalamus 1.x. Requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. If your computer does not run the required version of Mac OS X, please do not replace your copy of iCalamus.app in your Applications folder by this one!

Liste des modifications :

  • Nouveau : 64 bit application
  • Nouveau : Requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.
  • Nouveau : Supports text substitution.
  • Nouveau : Supports Smart Quotes.
  • Nouveau : Supports Smart Dashes.
  • Nouveau : Supports Smart Links.
  • Nouveau : Supports Data Detectors.
  • Nouveau : Supports Automatic Spelling Correction.
  • Nouveau : [159]: Supports the system Fonts panel.
  • Nouveau : [159]: Supports the system Color panel.
  • Nouveau : Supports the system Substitutions panel.
  • Nouveau : Text output is much faster.
  • Nouveau : Image and PDF output is much faster.
  • Nouveau : [690]: No more control characters in the Finder preview of the document.
  • Nouveau : Images and PDFs are automatically shown in the best resolution for the current zoom value.
System Outline Style
  • Nouveau : New stroke style for path text support.
  • Nouveau : New stroke style for placing frames on the path.
  • Nouveau : New outline styles: Dimension, Rough, ZigZag.
System Frame Output Style
  • Nouveau : New frame output style.
  • Nouveau : New float shadow.
  • Nouveau : Frames can be drawn with a reflexion.
  • Nouveau : New Shear tool.
  • Nouveau : New Scale tool.
  • Nouveau : New Document Editor GUI.
  • Nouveau : New rotation grabpoint: the selected frame can be rotated directly; with [Shift] pressed the rotation snaps in 90° steps.
  • Nouveau : On frame creation by mouse, the current frame size is shown at the mouse pointer position.
  • Nouveau : Zoom Tool: click reaction enhanced.
  • Nouveau : Single Line Tool: On creation of a new line, its length and angle are shown at the mouse pointer position.
Édition de document
  • Nouveau : Each document sheet uses independent document rulers.
  • Nouveau : [383]: Each document sheet uses independent document grids.
  • Nouveau : [673]: Enhanced memory management on document view output.
  • Nouveau : [488]: Edit Linkback Item in context menus is only shown if required.
  • Nouveau : [525]: New dialog for template selection.
  • Nouveau : PDFs are now stored in a separate directory inside the document bundle, as was true for images before. This way documents with many embedded PDFs have an enhanced loading speed and memory requirements.
  • Nouveau : The Print Info line can be edited for new documents in the Preferences pane and in the Document Info dialog for existing documents.
  • Nouveau : [416]: Page guides values can be edited.
Édition de texte
  • Nouveau : The context menu for text editing offers all common text editing functions from Mac OS X.
  • Nouveau : iCalamus supports the system Color panel in the text editor.
  • Nouveau : [588]: iCalamus supports adding/removing of hyperlinks in the text.
  • Nouveau : [653]: You can jump to hyperlinks inside documents using [Cmd][Click].
  • Nouveau : The formerly independent context menu entries Insert Image and Edit Image have been combined. After you have inserted an image into a text, the Image editor dialog is directly shown.
  • Nouveau : [352]: Text Rulers: Text rulers can be shown/hidden in the View menu.
Édition d’image
  • Nouveau : Images can be converted into other color systems (e.g. from RGB to Greyscale), using profiles.
Search & Replace
  • Nouveau : The Find panel supports the find indicator (animated yellow annotation).
  • Nouveau : [646]: iCalamus supports copied control characters in the Search field.
Copy & Duplicate
  • Nouveau : [522]: Duplicate With Offset now uses the width and height of the currently selected frame(s).
  • Nouveau : Duplicate with Offset: supports columns and rows.
  • Nouveau : [521], [555], [573], [692]: Even frames without content can be virtually copied.
  • Nouveau : New function: Duplicate With Rotation. It can be used in the Rotate tool. Select a frame, define the rotation center point and go.
  • Nouveau : An offset has been added to pasted frame representations, so you can recognize copies more easily.
  • Nouveau : [444]: Frame contents can now be copied into other frames: simply cut/copy a frame content, then open a frame container and paste the content there.
  • Nouveau : TIFF export supports RGB, Greyscale and CMYK images. Due to a restriction of Mac OS X, alpha channels are not supported for Greyscale and CMYK image export.
  • Nouveau : [693]: The Export menu function has a built-in key command.
  • Nouveau : New function: The File menu offers a new function Export as PDF.
  • Nouveau : New Inspector system (64 bit, compliant to the Mac OS X GUI style guide).
  • Nouveau : Inspectors support multiple inspector views.
  • Nouveau : [595]: Color of Shape, Outline and Shadow can be selected on shape and outline inspector pane.
Inspecteur de géométrie
  • Nouveau : Geometry pane: new combo box for Shear Y.
  • Nouveau : [179]: New switch Transform Content in the Geometry inspector.
Inspecteur de page
  • Nouveau : [558]: You can select a range of pages with the [Shift] key.
  • Nouveau : [463]: You can delete a range of pages.
  • Nouveau : On creation of a new master page, you can edit the page guides values.
  • Nouveau : [455]: Photographerbook documents support master pages.
Inspecteur de contour
  • Nouveau : New Dashes editor for line parameters.
  • Nouveau : New line ends: Feather (single, double, triple), Diamond, Filled Diamond, Dimension Arrow, Dimension Arrow + Bar.
Inspecteur de contenu
  • Nouveau : [200]: Image Content inspector: new popup where you can view and select the color profile.
Inspecteur d'alignement
  • Nouveau : [470]: Frames can be aligned to the page borders.
Inspecteur couleur
  • Nouveau : [128]: Color lists can be saved and loaded.
Inspecteur règle
  • Nouveau : Text Ruler lists can be saved and loaded.
  • Nouveau : [352]: Text ruler visibility can be switched ON/OFF.
  • Nouveau : New context menu where you can add/remove tabs as well as change the type of existing tabs.
Inspecteur de style de texte
  • Nouveau : Text Styles can be saved and loaded.
  • Nouveau : Measurement Preferences: the no longer required Screen Resolution tab has been removed.
  • Nouveau : [80]: General Preferences: Zoom in/out step width can now be user-defined.
  • Nouveau : [320]: General Preferences: The page border shadow visibility can be switched on/off.
  • Nouveau : New Welcome window.
Corrections de bogues
  • Correction : [488]: Document page context menu no longer shows Edit LinkBack Item menu item.
  • Correction : [565]: Text no longer randomly disappears when editing and clicking into text.
  • Correction : [567]: Unused first gradient color can be deleted.
  • Correction : [604]: Editing text frames with virtual copies without distance no longer crashes.
  • Correction : [631]: Adobe fonts no longer crash on shaped text flow.
  • Correction : [657]: The file picker correctly reacts on [Enter] key and filename pre-selection by entering first letters of filename.
  • Correction : [667]: Export of very large or high-res JPEGs no longer crashes iCalamus.
  • Correction : [678]: Switching between document views no longer crashes.
  • Correction : [682]: Export no longer flips embedded images in text frames.
  • Correction : [683]: Text ruler information shows last valid text ruler when you click behind the last valid text in a rather empty text frame.
  • Correction : [715]: The zoom combobox in the bottom left corner of the document window shows correct zoom values again.

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