iCalamus v 1.07


Beginners Support
  • Nytt: [323], [326]: A frame creation dialog is shown when clicking into the document with creation mode active. This enhances the approach to iCalamus for Desktop Publishing beginners.
Document Handling
  • Nytt: Document template manager introduced. Documents can be saved as templates and reloaded from templates list.
  • Nytt: A new document manager supports different document domains.
  • Nytt: iCalamus supports Photo Book creation and order system of Photographerbook now. You can access this new document feature by selecting one of the document types offered in the new document domain Photographerbook when creating a document.
  • Nytt: [321]: iCalamus optionally saves a ~.icdk file of the current iCalamus document after the document has been loaded successfully.
Frame Editing
  • Nytt: [382]: Selection of lines by mouse simplified.
  • Nytt: [392]: Lines are always respected on Zoom to Selection.
  • Nytt: [336]: Creating a new frame deselects all other frames.
  • Nytt: [338]: Text import offers encoding selection.
Text Formatting
  • Fix: [384]: Text flow icons are updated after pages have been removed.
  • Fix: [389]: Textruler view is updated immediately after parameters have been changed.
  • Fix: [380]: Text redraw fixed (no text output outside frames).
  • Fix: [380]: Text rulers: Absolute line height uses the current line height as default parameter, not 14 pt as a fixed default value.
  • Fix: [325]: The effective text line offset on top no longer depends on line height of first text line.
  • Fix: [151], [234], [310]: Text shadow output no longer depends on the selected zoom resolution.
  • Nytt: [345]: RGB color values can be entered in percent values, integer values (0–255) and in hex values (e.g. for HTML).
  • Nytt: Spot colors are used internally for registration mark colors and laquer colors.
  • Nytt: Pattern colors are used internally for guide grid output and laquer presentation.
  • Fix: [91]: Gray color slider text corrected.
  • Fix: [376]: Hidden guides can no longer be edited.
  • Nytt: The bleed area is indicated by a red rectangle guide when guides are toggled to visible. Document elements in the bleed area are shown softened for indicating the bleed area.
  • Nytt: Guide grids are drawn much faster than before.
  • Nytt: Bleed, TrimBox, ArtBox, MediaBox and CropBox information are written properly on PDF output.
  • Nytt: Print paper size is automatically adjusted for PDF output.
  • Nytt: More hyphenation dictionaries added: Indonesian, Ukrainian, German (Old Spell Checking); some other dictionaries updated.
  • Nytt: [306], [324], [332], [372]: Hyphenator much enhanced.
  • Nytt: Exception dictionaries introduced:
    When iCalamus is launched, the exception dictionaries are created in folder ~/Library/Preferences/iCalamus/Hyphenator, if they do not exist already. They offer one sample word at the beginning. The English exception dictionary is named en_EN.edict and can be edited with Apple's Property List Editor at ease. As these exception dictionaries are simple XML files, each other text editor can be used as well, as long as you keep the XML structure intact.
Granskaren Passa
  • Fix: [378]: Guides can be aligned to frame borders correctly.
  • Fix: [262], [362], [363], [365]: Dynamic shapes with arc segments are updated correctly after parameter changes.
  • Nytt: [405]: Double-click on master page icon also calls the relevant master page.
  • Fix: [344], [379], [406]: Several dialog buttons updated.
  • Fix: [300]: Several dialog texts corrected.
  • Fix: [337]: Localization problems in Preferences dialog fixed.

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