Vad tycker de som redan använder iCalamus om iCalamus?

Nice upgrade to Pagemaker - This is a friendly and powerful layout and DTP program. It may not be as powerful as InDesign, but then it doesn't cost as much either. Icalamus reminds me of Pagemaker, but is smoother, smarter and more powerful. Especially the typographic functions are excellent, and one can easily tell that the makers of this program are DTP experts. This software is not really for entry level users or beginners, to fully use the software it is helpful to have some basic understanding about layout and typography.This software does not come with lots of templates or clip art, as some of the budget competition do. You have to make your own templates. The user guide is brief but functional. It is not a learning book about layout or typography. Support is fast and friendly.For those with experience of layout, typography and DTP - I highly recommend this program.
Raphael Mabo (Mac App Store, Sverige)

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