iCalamus v 1.08


Redigera text
  • Nytt: [224]: Text styles now support the attributes Expanded and Oblique.
  • Fix: [88], [241]: The text ruler attribute Writing direction right-to-left can be used.
  • Nytt: [308]: Double clicks on text fields or embedded images in text frames open the relevant editor.
  • Nytt: The text editor supports the Services menu from Mac OS X.
  • Nytt: [280], [397]: Text style assignment concept has been completely inverted in order to assign small text style changes in larger text areas:
    • Assigned paragraph styles (text rulers) are now overwritten by assigned text styles; assigned text styles are now overwritten by assigned text attributes.
    • Paragraph styles or text styles which are partially overwritten, are marked with a yellow warning triangle.
  • Nytt: [85]: Selection of color labeled text styles can be recognized easier in the style list.
  • Fix: [419]: Text line formatting enhanced (bullet issues solved).
  • Fix: [308]: Images which are embedded in text frames will be properly scaled proportionally; size changes in the dialog will be updated in the text frame immediately.
  • Fix: [424]: Documents can be printed in landscape orientation again.
  • Fix: [425]: Colored registration mark output is done in device-dependent CMYK format now instead of RGB.
  • Fix: [426]: PDF output areas (CropBox, TrimBox, MediaBox) changed to let most possible RIPs output the registration marks properly.
Navigator Inspector
  • Fix: [423]: The red navigation square no longer freezes.
  • Fix: [411], [414]: Document help grids follow the screen resolution set in Preferences.
  • Fix: [408]: Guides are deselected immediately after relocating.
  • Nytt: Photo Booklets can be layouted for as little as 8 pages now.
  • Nytt: [413]: The page sizes of photo books are shown in the New dialog and the global page parameters dialog of the Page inspector.
  • Nytt: Empty PhotoGrapherBook pages show a large grey centered page number for better orientation.
  • Fix: [399]: Former document views are remembered again when you switch to other document views.
  • Fix: [394]: Pasting data with [Apple][V] now pastes the data in the current page which is indicated by its page number in the bottom left area of the document window.
  • Fix: [379]: Handling of several dialogs enhanced.
  • Fix: [349]: Trying to import unsupported file formats no longer results in an empty new frame but aborts with a beep.
  • Nytt: Manual content in all languages more complete.

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