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The internet offers fast and easy ways to order and purchase.

Simply check the products of your choice and enter your postal address, credit card data and user number (if any) in the form.

After you have filled in the form and clicked on [ Send ], you will see a confirmation page listing all parameters which will be transferred to us. You will have to confirm and send the data from the confirmation page or your order will not be placed.

Finally you will receive an automated email from our server that lists all data from your order once more. (We will receive the same email from our server as your order.)

Our standard practice is to produce, pack and ship your orders by post on the same or the following office day.

We use as little packing stuff as possible. We prefer to send your ordered software by download whenever possible, but of course we can ship it on a CD by post. We do not use oversized product boxes that add volume and air in transport and take up expensive space on your software shelf. This is how we keep our product prices and your shipping costs low – and we protect the environment by avoiding too much packing stuff!

The default choice is shipping by download. As our reply to your order, you will then receive an email with our invoice attached in PDF format. The email explains where and how you can get the download archives for your ordered products from our server.

All mentioned prices are in Euro including the current VAT.

If you order from the EC and got a VAT ID No., don't forget to add this number in the order form. We will bill netto prices then, without the German VAT.

If you order from a non-EC country, we will always bill netto prices without the German VAT. You will have to pay the valid Import Tax in your country when you declare the postal shipment or write your tax declaration. This is valid for download shipments, too.

Credit cards

MasterCard VISA DinersClub AmEx

Almost all our customers from abroad order using their credit card. We accept MasterCard, VISA, DinersClub and American Express.



If you already have an account at the eBay bank PayPal, you can easily pay us via PayPal. Look for the PayPal symbol on our relevant web pages.


We can ship Cash-on-delivery items by post to many countries. But this is not a good choice, for both you and us. You will waste too much time and money. So please stop to think it over twice before you choose this payment option.


If you don't have a credit card, we recommend pre-payment. In that case, we will send our invoice in PDF format and will ship the products as soon as your payment has arrived in our bank account. But as this payment option wastes your time, you should in any case try to get a credit card for payment.

Cash payment

PLEASE DON'T SEND CASH BY POST! We collect nightmare stories about uninsured letters that never arrived. Use cash when you get some ice-cream in your neighbourhood.

All pages on our website are delivered with secure socket layer (SSL) transfer. Therefore, you will see https:// on your browser's address line. Our server uses the SSL protocol in order to transfer data to and from the corresponding pages. You will probably not observe this procedure, as it takes place in the background.

Your browser will check if the SSL protected pages work fine. It will check the according SSL certificate which ensures that the according server is indeed an SSL security server. Only then the tiny lock symbol in the browser view of the according page will be closed.

These SSL certificates can be produced by the ISP of the according server of by third party companies. The certificates don't tell more but the https:// linked pages on our web server have been encrypted by an SSL security server.

We use a valuable two years certificate from StartSSL. If your browser does not know this certificate already, you should check the certificate once and accept it. Then your browser will no longer alert it as being unserious or wrong.

If you don't want to transfer your credit card data via internet despite our secure server:
Simply send us a fax: +49 (54 32) 9 20 74. Or send the credit card number and information divided into multiple emails.

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