Why should I pay for iCalamus?

See the differences between the registered iCalamus and the unregistered iCalamus version.

Why pay 129.00 EUR for iCalamus when I can already work fine with the unregistered version?

iCalamus is the publisher for OS X – light as a feather. You can use iCalamus for free. The unregistered version offers a lot. If you want to get even more power, for 129.00 EUR you get a powerful modern DTP program which helps you publish your ideas fast and easily.

The differences are:

Features in iCalamus registered unregistered
Photographerbook documents OK OK ! Preview watermark in local output
Normal documents OK OK ! only 2 pages
Print output OK OK ! watermark line on documents with two pages
OpenType fonts support (real ligatures, etc.) OK X
Export of frames or pages in various image formats OK X
Support OK X (only in the forum)
External plug-ins OK X
LinkBack support OK X
Suppression of registration reminder OK

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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