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Frequently Asked Questions: Here you find a list of these questions and our answers to them.

iCalamus is not Calamus SL. It is the inverse Calamus. The i not only indicates this is a cool macOS application but stands for invers, too.

Calamus SL has (had) the principle of making everything on its own, not depending on the operating system (TOS).

iCalamus has the principle of using the operating system (macOS) whereever it can, not making everything on its own.

Thus iCalamus takes profit from each further development step of macOS. When a new version of macOS is released, iCalamus will support the new image filters and many other features almost automatically. We build iCalamus completely on the Cocoa library of macOS and write it completely new and native in Objective C with the Apple developer tools (like Xcode, Interface Builder, etc.).

No, of course not. We differenciate between upgrades and updates. An upgrade always increases the major version number before the dot, e.g. from v1.29 to v2.0, while an update only increases the minor version number behind the dot, e.g. from v2.01 to v2.02. Updates for your paid license are always free of charge, while we ask for a moderate upgrade fee when you want to upgrade from a lower major version to the next upgrade version.

The short answer: like all other Mac applications.

The detailed answer:

If you want to keep your previous iCalamus version, open your Applications folder in the Finder, create a new folder named iCalamus and move your existing iCalamus.app into this folder. Now rename it, e.g. into iCalamus 1.14.app or accordingly.

Download the current version from our website by following this page in your browser.

You can choose between a one language version (e.g. English only) or the quite fat complete bundle with all available localizations. (Since iCalamus 2, there is only one bundle with all available languages.)

After the download has finished, your browser will automatically unzip the Zip archive (which is true at least for Safari and Firefox) and puts the new iCalamus.app into your Downloads folder.

Move it to your Applications folder or into the iCalamus sub folder within your Applications folder.

That's all.

We plan and develop an SL document converter for iCalamus but not in version 1.0.
An iCalamus document converter for Calamus SL is not planned.
No. (Honestly: What do you expect for 129 EUR?) – You can save documents from these programs as PDF or in the usual exchange formats for text, images and vector graphics and import or place them in iCalamus.
We develop iCalamus for macOS, basing on the Cocoa library from Apple. As long as no Cocoa lib is available for other platforms, there will be no iCalamus for other platforms. (No, we will not portate Cocoa!)

Yes, since iCalamus 2.0.

We will provide an Open Development Concept where you will be able and develop modules for iCalamus on your own. It will be your choice whether you offer these modules for free to the iCalamus community, sell them yourself or entrust them for distribution to us.

We offer the Photographerbook functions in iCalamus for free. Our partner for the photo book print service is the company Photographerbook. They intend that people only use the multiplex Photographerbook document options with their (really very excellent) service, of course. Therefore you get the watermark Preview in direct printouts and PDF export. It's just a (really tiny) hurdle which avoids that you use the free offered Photographerbook techniques and options to create a photo book but have it printed somewhere else.

When you send the prepared data to Photographerbook, they remove the word Preview, of course. So don't be afraid to have it in the finished photo book printout. If you want to create photo books or calendars completely on your own and don't want to use the Photographerbook service, you will have to get a full version of iCalamus (which is not the worst investment of money, isn't it?).

Attention: Since the end of January 2016, PhotographerBook no longer accepts documents from iCalamus. Of course you can still edit these documents for your own use.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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