Here you find discount models for iCalamus which can be granted under certain circumstances.

Get your iCalamus license

invers Software offers discount models for schools, students and companies who buy more licenses. The following discount models are offered for iCalamus v2.16:

Normal Licenses
1-2 Licenses only 129.00 EUR (per license)
3-4 Licenses 20 % discount
5-10 Licenses 30 % discount
11+ Licenses 40 % discount
Student License
1 Student or Pupil only 89.00 EUR
Student Identity Card required. Please send via email or fax.

Please send an email to Support
or a fax to +49 (54 32) 9 20 74.

School Licenses
15+ Licenses 45.00 EUR each
30+ Licenses 40.00 EUR each
50+ Licenses 35.00 EUR each

If you e.g. want to order a school license for 16 work places, we need your order via fax or post, sent by your school with detailed information about the invoice consignee. Payment is expected within 30 days without abatements.

Please send an email to Support
or a fax to +49 (54 32) 9 20 74.

School license match codes will be encoded to the school name + work space numbers if you don't give us a user name list.

All mentioned prices include VAT.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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