What's new?

iCalamus v 1.02

Change log:

  • New: Deselect All
  • New: [174], [175]: Export (exporting frames or pages as TIFF,GIF,PDF,PNG,BMP,JPEG,JPEG2000)
Color Inspector
  • New: Color inspector warns user before adding a transparent color.
  • New: Color dialog automatically changes opacity to 100% when changing a color slider if opacity is 0%.
Frame Editing
  • Fix: [173]: Frame guides are shown when editing frame box.
Content Inspector for PDF
  • Fix: [204]: PDF content can be updated.
Text Piping
  • Fix: [172]: Checks for circular piping to avoid it.
  • Fix: [185]: Automatic piping debugged.
Editing Text
  • Fix: [166]: Problems with typography palette resolved.
  • Fix: [187]: Textruler reflects changes of measurement units.
  • Fix: After closing an inactive document window the document editor suffered from errors.
  • New: New AltLinuxHyph based GPL PlugIn for OS X hyphenation enhancement.
  • New: [180]: Guides protection state default changed to OFF.
  • New: Undo/Redo of converting text to vector works.
  • Fix: [193]: Text flow offset works for newly inserted master pages.
  • Fix: [195]: Blend modes load correctly.
  • Fix: [197]: Blend modes kept on cut/copy/paste operations.
  • Fix: [196]: Layer blend mode wasn't applied correctly.
  • New: [76]: Dialogs can be cancelled with [Esc] key.
  • Fix: [205]: Crop and print marks were not inked 100% in the particular process color.

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