What's new?

iCalamus v 1.03

Change log:

  • Fix: [136]: Print marks are placed around single pages.
  • New: A new switch on print panel allows centered printing.
Master frames
  • Fix: [231]: Clipping of master frames representing master pages now takes bleed area into account.
Group frames
  • Fix: [218]: Change of shape of grouped shapes now has an effect on group shape with shape operation applied to group.
Content Inspector for PDF
  • New: Now supports a low resolution 72dpi cache to speed up working with this content type.
Editing Text
  • Fix: Placeholder output for page numbers on master pages debugged.
  • Fix: [165], [194], [239]: Some speed enhancement of text formatting patches.
Content inspector for text frames
  • Fix: [240]: Hyphenation factor now being loaded from document file.
  • Fix: [117]: Corner shape parameters: minimum and maximum values changed.
  • New: iCalamus is now able to import AI files.
  • Fix: [208]: TIFF export now shows proposed resolution values.
Toolbox panel
  • New: [203]: Current display zoom value can be set to 100% by double-clicking on magnifier tool in tool palette.
  • Fix: [235]: Color handling fixed for creating new gradients.
  • Fix: [220]: Copying colors from a document to another fixed.
Frame Editing
  • Fix: [244]: Frames which are placed next to page guides can be edited much better.
  • Fix: [233]: Ungrouping resized groups fixed.
Text Rulers
  • New: Another measurement unit for text ruler related values added.
  • Fix: Number and percent values in dialog edit fields can be increased or decreased continuously by keeping the arrow keys of your keyboard pressed. (Multiple key-pressing is no longer required.)
  • Fix: All dialogs which are accessible via inspectors are no longer sheets but standard modal dialogs (open faster and positioning is more reliable).
  • New: Now switches to hand mode temporarily when pressing [space key] on keyboard.
  • Fix: Hot spot of crosshair mouse cursor debugged.
  • New: Text to vector conversion enhanced: Now iCalamus asks about the color to be applied to vectors.
  • Fix: [149]: Zoom to selection no longer available if nothing is selected.

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