What's new?

iCalamus v 1.11

Change log:

Document Handling
  • Fix: [512]: Emergency Bugfix: iCalamus v1.10 lost images when saving documents under Tiger.
  • Fix: [490]: The document backup saving method of iCalamus collided with the backup saving method of Mac OS X.
Editing Text
  • Fix: [509], [513]: Text editing sometimes failed for piped text frames.
Text Style Inspector
  • Fix: Text style recognition for multiple text styles in a text range corrected.
  • New: New Quick start chapter in the manual explains how to handle iPhoto Calendars in iCalamus for print output.
  • New: iCalamus requires screen resolutions as of 1024 by 768 due to larger dialogs.
  • Fix: [508]: iCalamus Help can be navigated offline in Apple Help Viewer again.
  • Fix: [510]: The menu entry Edit LinkBack item is restored on program launch again.

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