What's new?

iCalamus v 1.15

Change log:

Document Handling
  • New: [579]: iCalamus allows two pages in the unregistered version now.
  • New: [339]: The new text fields Fixed Date and Total Number of Pages offer further simplifications for your document layout.

    Insert Text Field

  • Fix: [553]: Page numbering bugs have been fixed.
  • New: [580]: Print output in unregistered iCalamus version only prints a watermark line on the second page, no more on the first page.
  • New: [183]: Furthermore, you can now change the current font size using a slider which changes it in 1pt intervals from 9pt to 72pt. Other values can still be entered in the input field, of course.

    Font size, kerning, fill color

  • New: [481]: When a new image frame is created or image data have been imported somehow into a frame, the relevant frame is set proportional now by default.
  • New: [578]: All lite edition descriptions are removed from GUI to avoid irritation. There is only one iCalamus, registered or unregistered.
  • Fix: [86]: The tabulator choice fields in the upper right area of text rulers now show tooltips.
  • Fix: [577]: Click on red closer button in iPhoto Import dialog could crash or freeze iCalamus.
  • Fix: [583]: The multiple selector in the dialog Edit Text Style now show tooltips.
  • Fix: [587]: All menu items of the Zoom sub menu in the View menu and all Context menus have been synchronized; those in the View menu show tool tips now.
  • Fix: [590]: Menu entries which are not supported by Mac OS X for a localized language, are now localized by iCalamus.
  • Fix: [600]: The function Send Message also transfers the iCalamus version information to help the support giving better recommendations.
  • Fix: [602]: The text field Current Date will be updated automatically when applied in the dialog Edit Text Field and when you save the docment.
  • Fix: [603]: Date text fields are recognized correctly in the dialog Edit Text Field.
  • Fix: [606]: Menu entries in the context sub menu Insert Text Field and in the dialog Edit Text Field have been resorted and synchronized.
Frame Inspector
  • Fix: [594]: The corner symbols for outline line styles in the Outline section can be recognized much better.
Page Inspector
  • Fix: [385]: To avoid page movings by mistake, you have to confirm an alert first.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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