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iCalamus v 1.20

Change log:

Operating System Compatibility
  • New: [650], [651]: Snow Leopard is now supported.Snow Leopard
  • Fix:
  • New: [655]: iPhoto 09 is now supported.
  • New: Leather books can be ordered.
  • New: Books can get book corners and wadded covers.
  • New: Books pages can get UV lacquer on both front and back sides.
  • New: Photographerbook's product prices have been lowered up to 40%.
  • Fix: Document uploads > 2GB are no longer allowed, due to PDF standards which do not allow larger PDF documents.
Document Views
  • Fix: [639]: Images without embedded dpi resolution are no longer re-scaled to 72dpi by default.
Text Style Inspector
  • New: [644]: Dialog Edit Text Style redesigned and enhanced.
  • New: [79]: The dialog Edit Text Style shows a font preview now, using all available text style parameters.

    Edit Text Style

Text Ruler Inspector
  • New: [640]: New function Create and Apply Text Ruler Styles from Selection in the action menu.

    Enhanced text ruler functions

  • New: [641]: Dialog Edit Text Ruler redesigned and enhanced.

    Edit Text Ruler

Text System
  • Fix: [252], [253], [469], [658]: Text formatting rewritten and enhanced.
  • Fix: [593]: Text frames with page text field contents can be copied in all available methods correctly.
  • Fix: [610]: Text frames with text field contents can be vectorized.
  • New: [418]: Three new Toolbar icons are available now: Document Grid, Page Guides, and Frame Guides. These three icons are equivalents for the relevant View menu items.

    Toolbar Icons

  • New: [609]: Windows menu offers a Zoom entry now.
  • New: [642]: New View sub menu added to Context menus. It reflects the three View menu items: Show Document Grid, Show Frame Guides, Show Page Guides.

    Document page context menu

  • New: Swedish A Swedish version of iCalamus is also available now, localized by Karl-Johan Norén.
  • New: [671]: The Preferences window dispenses with the still redundant switch Show All.
  • Fix: [643]: Number of pages in dialogs New Document and Default Document can no longer be < 1 and > 9999.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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