What's new?

iCalamus v 2.02

Change log:

  • New: The Toolbox panel can be switched from two-columns to one-column view.
  • Fix: [607]: Order of input fields accessible with [Tab] key in dialogs and Inspectors panels has been adjusted.
  • Fix: Number input fields support stepping up/down by cursor keys again.
  • Fix: Mouse cursor views enhanced.
Color Inspector
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when creating new colors with no color selected in list.
Editing Document
  • New: [697]: Guides defined on master pages are magnetic on layout pages, too.
  • Fix: [412]: Objects now snap on page borders (when Snap to Page Guides is activated).
Editing Text
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with overwriting characters selected by double-click.
  • Fix: The manual has been updated to reflect the updated icons and toolbox panel.
  • Fix: Various translations have been completed or reviewed.
Other Bugfixes
  • Fix: [732]: Page guides in new documents are visible again.
  • Fix: [733]: Export of multiple frames was impossible due to Sandbox restrictions. Export now creates a folder and writes separate files to it (if needed).
  • Fix: Object snapping issues have been fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash on entering a page number in the PDF editor window.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash on opening version 1.x documents with missing images.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash on inserting file date text field into text of unsaved new documents.
  • Fix: PNG export has been fixed.
  • Other bugs fixed.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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