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iCalamus v 2.03

Change log:

Editing Document
  • New: [738]: Smart alignment guides are shown when frames snap to page/frame center axes or to page/frame borders.
  • New: The View menu option Snap to Page Guides which is required to be activated for the Smart alignment guides, is now switched on by default.
  • Fix: Fixed the shadow creation for Retina displays.
  • New: Some warning alerts can be suppressed for future display by checking the option Do not show this message again.
  • New: A new Reset Warning Alerts button in the General Preferences pane resets all suppressed warning alerts.
  • New: A new Restore Defaults button in the General Preferences pane resets many user-defineable parameters to the built-in factory defaults.
  • Fix: Measurement values on vertical rulers are displayed in vertical direction.
  • New: [744]: The Autosave option has been removed from the General Preferences. iCalamus now supports the new Autosave and Versioning methods by Mac OS X. Even new documents which haven't been saved with a user-defined document name, are now automatically saved.
  • New: Due to irritations with different product descriptors used in the Photographerbook website and iCalamus, the popup menus for Photographerbook document types, paper types and formats now show the predefined (German) type and format names, followed by the localized names in brackets.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that could occur after uploading a ZIP file to Photographerbook.
  • Fix: Paper formats and document presentation adjusted.
  • New: The new file menu entries are reflected in the manual.
  • Fix: The manual section Move frames with arrow keys has been updated to reflect the no longer required [Ctrl] key.
Other Bugfixes
  • Fix: [743]: Check for Updates is functional again.
  • Fix: Fixed a zoom related issue.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when trying to load old 1.x documents that contain PICT images, which is no longer supported. Now shows an alert.
  • Fix: The continuous moving of frames by pressing and holding arrow keys without needing the [Ctrl] key to be pressed.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when creating opacity based outlines: the selected threshold wasn't used in final result.
  • Fix: EPS/PS import has been fixed.
  • Other bugs fixed.

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