What's new?

iCalamus v 2.09

System Requirements: OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.

Change log:

  • New: The Templates and the DefaultStyles.data file of previous versions of iCalamus are copied to the relevant Sandbox container.
  • New: The panels New from Templates and Save As Template have been adjusted to reflect the changes in Template handling.
    Template Manager
  • New: The Crash Report window offers to send your email address, too, if you want to allow the developers to contact you.
    Crash Report
  • Fix: [788], [802]: Newly added colors, text styles and text rulers can be renamed again.
  • Fix: Color lists, Text Style lists and Text Ruler lists can be saved and loaded again.
  • Fix: Deleting layout pages with assigned master pages which contain text frames no longer crashes iCalamus.
Editing Image
  • New: [706]: iCalamus supports the system Image Editor (IKImageEditPanel) for editing images.
Editing Text
  • Fix: [660]: Text flow around shaped objects has been enhanced.
  • Fix: [794], [796]: The Print dialog now selects user-defined paper formats no matter if the same format already exists in the list of pre-defined formats.
Align Inspector
  • New: [785], [776]: A new section Distribute Spacing has been added. These actions either distribute frames with a defined spacing or distribute multiple frames with identical spacings between the outermost frames.
    Align Inspector
Color Inspector
  • Fix: [801]: Fixed a crash that occured when pressing [Tab] in the Edit Color dialog's web color edit field.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash that occured when closing the color editor or gradation color editor.
  • Fix: Using the built-in Registration color for common layout elements no longer causes issues.
Content Inspector
  • New: Enhanced image filtering support (Exposure, Saturation, Enhance, and much more).
Geometry Inspector
  • New: The Transform Content switch button texts have been localized.
  • Fix: [785]: Changing the width of proportional objects again changes the corresponding height, too.
Media Inspector
  • Fix: [779]: Sorting of media by name or page is functional again.
Outline Inspector
  • Fix: [786]: Dimension Line: No longer forgets selected unit and checkbox states.
Text Ruler Inspector
  • New: Tabulators: If you want to remove all available or the currently selected tabulators at once, click on the tiny [Clear] button.
  • New: The registration dialog has been updated and shows clearer information about what to fill in.
  • New: The chapter Align Inspector has a new subchapter Distribute spacing.
  • New: The chapter Introduction has a new subchapter Feedback.
  • The Templates subchapters in the File menu chapter have been adjusted.
Other Bugfixes
  • Tiny adjustments in localizations.
  • Other bugs fixed.

(If you find any Denglish or other strange translations in this page, do not hesitate to – Thank you!)

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