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Sad to hear that you’re pulling the plug, but my best wishes for you and your future.

I have used iCalamus since 2008 and also your excellent Art Text and Barcody. I have just purchased your latest upgrades. I wished to thank you for the quality of your software and your support and to wish you well and much success in your future life.

Thanks again for a great application.

I would like to join the queue in wishing you good luck and all the best for whatever future directions you decide to take.

Thank you and your team for your work on iCalamus (and on Calamus, for that matter). You have always been helpful to me on the occasions when I have raised questions with you. You will be missed. If you ever get the travel bug and decide that a trip to Australia would be good, please let me know.

Regards, and all the best for whatever comes next.

Good luck Ulf

Will your online users manual still be available after end of March? Will a downloadable version be available?

Love your application. Enjoy your time.

Oh dear, oh dear, does this mean no further support for the wonderful iCalamus??!! I am lost!

This is the first communication I’ve seen that you are closing Invers. And yes, the news saddens me as well. Question please... What does this mean for the support of iCalamus and other Invers products? Will there be a 2.16 version coming out soon?

I do want to wish you the very best, but I also hope iCalamus lives on in some form.

This is disappointing to me. I’ve really enjoyed using iCalamus, and appreciate the personal support I’ve been given. But I understand your desire to move on. I hope that iCalamus will remain viable, even if you were to sell the development rights to another person or company.

I wish you the best in your new chapter.

Sorry to hear you are hangin it up; however, understand 27 years has been a long time. Love iCalamus use it a lot.

Will your manual (English) be available after April 1st? Will it ever be removed? If so how can I get a digital copy for my use, I rely upon it as I create documents.

What a shame! Wish you all the best......

Best wishes in the new chapter of your life. I have appreciated your work on icalamus and the support you have given to users like me.

Even if I was one of the initial enthusiasts, and then critic of iCalamus (after using it for 2–3 years), I am really sorry to know that you decided to close your company.

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